South Pole Station Displays Unique Architecture Design
The South Pole is an area that scientists have been studying for years. They want to gain a better understanding on the climate and how we as a human race play a factor into how it reacts. We want to see if there are any signs of damage and work on ways in which we... Read More
The Perversion and Distortion of God’s Design
I received an e-mail from a friend who asked, "Did God create Pornography?" This is my take on it: pornography is a perversion of a fusion of God's creation of man, woman, the human body and sex. It is taking God's design and making a mockery of it. Cloning and research that trumps another life... Read More
Designing the Layout of Your Halloween Haunted House
You now have a really great theme in mind for your Halloween house haunt. The next step is designing your display. Brainstorm Think of anything and everything that could possibly fit your theme. Characters, props, settings, scenes, moods, colours, lights, and sounds can all help you design a great Halloween house haunt. Once you brainstorm... Read More
Where to Find Luxury Designer Accessories in Chicago
Putting together your perfect outfit often involves an expedition into the accessories department. From gleaming rings and bracelets to designer shoes and handbags, Chicago is home to many upscale department stores and luxury designer boutiques that offer unique pieces for that finishing touch. Whether you need a polished necklace or a chic scarf, your ensemble... Read More