Designing the Layout of Your Halloween Haunted House

You now have a really great theme in mind for your Halloween house haunt. The next step is designing your display.
Think of anything and everything that could possibly fit your theme. Characters, props, settings, scenes, moods, colours, lights, and sounds can all help you design a great Halloween house haunt. Once you brainstorm a big list, evaluate the ideas. What can you do? What will have the biggest impact? What do you have time to complete? What elements work together? These questions will help you whittle down your choices to a clear Halloween house haunt display.

Evaluate your Resources
You have an idea of the decorations for your Halloween house haunt. The next step is determining where all the decorations can go. Take a good look at the yard space you have. This is your canvas for the Halloween house haunt. Take pictures and measurements so you have a concrete guide to what you can work with.

Now take a good look at all your information. What parts of your property are visible from the street? If you live on a corner, you have a lot more space than if you live in the middle of a packed street. Do not be afraid to think vertically in your Halloween house haunt. Are there any trees you can use on the property? What about attaching set pieces to your house? Or a flag pole? Are there any plants you can use to conceal supports? Is the land completely flat or are there natural contours that you can take advantage of?

Anything is up for grabs in a Halloween house haunt. You can build custom pieces to take advantage of the natural terrain or property limits. Store bought pieces can look entirely different when placed in a small ditch or on an angle than when displayed on a perfectly level surface. By evaluating the space you have and its natural or manmade resources, you can begin to design a truly memorable haunt.

Determine the Path
You probably already have a path that leads from the street to your house. Don’t be afraid to come up with a more creative walkway with the use of props. In what order do you want trick or treaters to encounter your decorations? Do you want everything visible all at once, or some surprises along the way? How close do you want them to get to the decorations? These are all important design considerations.

A good Halloween house haunt plans out the order the decorations are seen. If you put a very scary piece right in the front, some trick or treaters may not feel comfortable walking up to your door and seeing the rest. Try to plan for a good blend between shock and relief while creating a consistent mood.

The final factor in path design is variety. If you have many large pieces, the eye will get lost and people will not register all of your hard work. Try to space out large pieces with small mood elements. For example, if you are doing a grave yard scene, mix up more elaborate props like skeletons and zombies popping out of the ground with smaller elements like plain tombstones, fake animals, and memorial items left at the grave. If every inch of your haunt is covered with bones, the trick or teeters will not notice the details and walk right by.

It is very important to plan out what you will do with your Halloween house haunt. By evaluating a list of ideas and the resources you have available, you can design a clear pathway with surprises along the way. Once you determine a design, you need to ensure the safety of the trick or teeters on your property.


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