The Perversion and Distortion of God’s Design

I received an e-mail from a friend who asked, “Did God create Pornography?” This is my take on it: pornography is a perversion of a fusion of God’s creation of man, woman, the human body and sex. It is taking God’s design and making a mockery of it. Cloning and research that trumps another life to save or heal one is also a perversion. Embryonic stem cell research is a perversion. Human ingenuity inspired by God in healing is based on motive and gifting can be a beautiful thing. When we play God in those areas or any area and claim that we know better than God, based on our own ego and profit we have perverted God’s design. The way we discern medical practices, who we are serving, and how much of it is Him is the difference between distortion with perversion and clarity with God’s design.

I go through this with writers, musicians, artists, and actors all the time. Much of what we create for the “pop” culture is actually a perversion-junk food for everyday usage. When we are gluttons for it we are sinning. Yet when we think of the classical roots of symphonies created with the integrity of worship, there is a refreshing clarity. When we sit down to a gourmet meal with pure ingredients designed to edify us, you understand that His ingredients, nutrients, and motives are designed to sustain our hearts and minds.

On the other hand, a Twinkie may be a nice diversion but it has zero nutrients, it harms more than edifies and is a perversion of God’s creation. The motive of the person who took Godly ingredients and perverted them to junk food may be able to tempt the taste buds, but it doesn’t appear that the invention of the Twinkie was a divine inspiration motivated by the Trinity!

Finally, I want to say that I own and create advertising and content. My own motives are not always pure. I consider profit, but I also balance with promoting things that only honor God. So I tell my team that there are things that we don’t promote. And then there are things that we have to discern “Does this serve a purpose in serving Him?” We have come under a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle. I try to practice what we preach and have turned a lot of work down when it compromises the intent of the Creator. We try to test it when dealing with certain clients and creative development. Some of the questions we ask:

-Is this God’s creation or perversion of His creation?
-Does it edify the Body (church and individual) or is it junk food?
-Will this draw people to Him (God) or lead them astray?
-Is it a cause that God want’s us to be a part of?
-There are lots of ideas to clarify that we must explore, but the purity of motives is where we start.

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